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23 November 2012 Service Call meeting in every district
27 November 2012 Pending issues still not resolved through concluded by the Hon'ble Commissioner
27 November 2012 Huge Pendency of Refunds
5 March 2013 Partial Dis-allowance of C-forms covering all transaction of Sale effected during Financial Year in accordance with Rule 12 of CST Act,1956
5 March 2013 Provide nodal or divisional officer to every dealer
5 March 2013 Pending Admn relief applications in case of Country Liqour Dealers
5 March 2013 Request to issue the suitable instructions by way of Trade Circular to follow the FAQ while assessing the builder
5 March 2013 Extend the due date for payment of taxes for the month of Jan 2013
6 August 2013 Representation Letter with State Level Service Cell Meeting
18 August 2017 Procedural issues faced by dealer & practitioner before Central GST
18 August 2017 Procedural issues faced by dealer & practitioner before State GST
18 August 2017 Issues Relating to the CGST 23.2017 dated on 17/8/2017
29 August 2017 Problems faced by dealer & practitioners in filing returns & registration before State GST
22 September 2017 Letter to Commissioner
22 September 2017 Issues in Relation to VAT
17 October 2017 Burning Issues regarding GST compliances
25 October 2017 Urgent attention in connection with GST compliance
6 November 2017 Representation - Necessity to change the system of filing returns under GST
6 November 2017 Representation - Technical Problem in making online payment of appeal fees
6 November 2017 Representation - Urgent attention towards Issues in GST Compliance